Real Christmas Tree or Artificial Christmas Tree? Here are the Pros and Cons for your consideration:

Real Trees

●Provide Family Tradition

For many people who celebrate Christmas, a genuine evergreen is a festive and romantic symbol of family, tradition, and nostalgia. In many households, it's a non-negotiable, seasonal staple. A 2019 US survey revealed that people who purchase real Christmas trees are more likely to highly value creating new holiday traditions with family than those who prefer artificial trees.

● Add a Natural Scent

Christmastime comes with its own bouquet of seasonal scents, but the smell of fresh pine needles might be the most magical. Sure, you can always light an evergreen-scented candle or stick a Douglas fir diffuser on the coffee table, but it's hard to find something that comes close to the natural woody musk of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

● Easily Recycled

For many years, the chopping down of real Christmas trees was misrepresented as detrimental to the environment, but that's not exactly right. They're a sustainable crop like any other natural crop, and the Christmas Tree Promotion Board says, "Christmas tree farmers make sure planting and harvesting are balanced to protect the environment. In fact, for every real Christmas tree they harvest, they plant at least one new tree.”

Artificial Trees

● Reusable Holiday Decor

If your biggest holiday concern is budget, this might make your decision easier. Although the average price of a fake tree was nearly $30 more (at the time of purchase) in 2018, a faux tree can be used again and again, letting you off the hook from buying a real tree year after year. If you plan to display your fake tree for five (or more) Christmases, it could end up being the more economical choice.


● Offer No-Mess and No-Maintenance

Yes, real Christmas trees are fabulous—but they're high-maintenance too. It's one exceptional houseplant you'll need to tend to on a daily basis, and not everyone has the time or patience to commit (which is totally fair). One of the obvious reasons to get an artificial spruce is to eliminate the hassle of watering, sweeping, trimming, and worrying about the right placement for optimal freshness. And you won't need to lug it to the end of the driveway or a nearby recycling program after the holidays.


● Reduce Fire Risks

Most artificial Christmas trees are made with fire-resistant materials, potentially making them safer to string lights on and less to worry about. This may be top of mind if you've dealt with any sort of fire scare in the past or simply don't want to risk it.


● Allow Customization

You can't exactly request the specific tree of your dreams from Mother Nature (which, to many, is part of the charm), but ordering an artificial tree lets you customize to your taste. Whether you prefer the look of a tall-and-lean fir, a voluminous Blue spruce, or a rustic Ponderosa pine, human-made trees offer whatever you need—even if your preferred tree variety isn't naturally available where you live. You can also buy them pre-lit, deckled with pinecones, or frosted with illusion snow.


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